About Qerko

It saves your time

Customers split and pay the entire bill themselves using their phones. So you don't have to do the complicated splitting for a table of six and wait for the guest to remember how many beers they had. Instead, you can spend your valuable time providing an outstanding service to other guests.

Up to 40% higher tips

Customers usually don’t try to save money on tips when paying by Qerko. Tips might get up to 40% higher than when paying via terminal in some restaurants. You can check your tips in the app, so you don't have to worry about missing anything.

Make your job easier

Safe and hygienic payment, no dead batteries in the terminal, no mistakes in the bill splitting, and no difficulties with loyalty cards. Qerko serves you, not the other way around.

Myths and facts

If the payment happened without me, I will lose my tip

You can find an overview of your tips directly in the app. There is an agreement between Qerko and your boss in place that all tips paid through Qerko will be paid to you. Those ought to be higher than ever before.

Guests will run away without paying

In our experience, that doesn't really happen. If someone wants to leave without paying, they'll do it with and without Qerko. Moreover, Qerko is directly connected to your cash register, so you can keep track of who has paid and who hasn't paid yet. You can track the same here in the Qerko Service app instantly.

Qerko will destroy my routine system

We are well aware that everyone has their own style and their own practices. If you are worried that something will change for you, you can stay calm. Something might change after all - You will now have free hands, more time for providing service to your customers, and earn bigger tips.

Qerko will take away my job and I will lose contact with the guests

You're the face and soul of the business, and it simply wouldn't work without you. Qerko is your sidekick, allowing you to focus even more on your guests and continue to provide an outstanding service. Moreover, Qerko can convince customers to come back again, so you won't lose contact with them.

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