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Over 1000 clients
1 000 000+ users
TOP 10 on Appstore
Over 1000 clients
1 000 000+ users
TOP 10 on Appstore
Over 1000 clients
1 000 000+ users
TOP 10 on Appstore
Over 1000 clients
1 000 000+ users
TOP 10 on Appstore
2 hours

time saved
for your staff every day


more tables
turned each month

15 %

higher profit
for your business

40 %

higher tips
for your staff

No one likes wasting their time waiting to pay. All the best restaurants now let guests scan the Qerko at their table to pay conveniently with their phones.

Your staff will be notified by the POS that it’s paid.


restaurants across Central Europe


“Obsluha nemusí přes obědy rozpočítávat stoly o sedmi lidech a má mnohem víc času na péči o hosty.”

Payments are just the beginning.

Payments are just the beginning.

Payments are just the beginning.

Payments are just the beginning.

Payments are just the beginning.

Fast QR payments

The staff doesn't have to count each table for 10 minutes. Guests split the bill themselves and pay.

  • A big time saver for staff and guests
  • No need to add a card
  • Notification to the cashier
  • Works even without an app
  • Built-in NFC chip

Mobile ordering

Ordering from the table with Qerko saves time and boosts sales.

  • Digital ordering increases average revenue by 10%.
  • Guests won’t be delayed by staff busy with lunch rushes.
  • Make them hungry using a digital menu with high-res pictures.

Digital loyalty programs

Turn guests into regulars.

  • Set up this feature however you’d like. It’s completely free!
  • Rewards work! Give them more reasons to keep coming back. 
  • Say goodbye to horrible paper cards and Excel spreadsheets.

Customer reviews

Get instant feedback attached to payments.

  • 70% of guests leave reviews in Qerko
  • Solve negative reviews before they’re online
  • Detailed feedback gives you actionable info

Reservation system

Fill the empty tables with new guests.

  • Web-based reservation management system
  • Telephone reservation assistant included
  • You will get your own booking website
  • Free with Qerko payment

No more paper receipts

The receipts go straight from your printer to the trash. So why print it at all? Instead, your guests get their receipts emailed to them right after they pay with Qerko. To celebrate, we donate a portion of each payment to the Forest for Children fund.

Works with your POS

Qerko works great with Septim, Storyous and most of the other popular POS systems. Once guests scan their table’s Qerko, any orders or payments they initiate through our app will show up directly into the POS.

Everything in one place

Get a complete overview of everything that’s going on in your business. Track sales, tips, traffic, customer evaluations, your loyalty program, and anything else you might want to know. All in one place. It’s a beautiful thing!

Cashless payments

Who still wants to pay with cash? There are so many better ways to pay, and Qerko supports almost all of them! Traditional cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, meal voucher cards, you name it. And no payment terminal required.

App not required

Not everyone wants another app on their phone. We get that. Luckily, your guests don’t even need to download the app to pay Qerko! Scanning or tapping the QR code launches a temporary version of Qerko instead.

The magic touch

Instead of scanning the QR code, most phones can simply just tap them. Similar to making contactless payments with Google or Apple Pay, they need to have NFC turned on. After that, just tap and pay! Easy peasy.

POS Integration

The best cash register fits in the palm of your hand

Qerko easily connects with your POS system.
After that, we’ll take care of the rest.

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Michal Chaloupka

"I appreciate the user reviews so we can adjust the menu and eliminate any reasons for dissatisfaction."

Miloš Pína

"Qerko helps us turn tables faster and handle many more guests. Satisfied are our guests and also the staff."

Jan Hawelka

"Qerko eliminates checkout queues and negative customer emotions while waiting to pay."

Štěpán Pichl

"Qerko helps the most with the fast checkout of a large group of people, and we can turn more tables because of it."

"The main benefit of Qerko is the amout of time saved at lunchtimes. Customers pay the bills on their own and staff can focus on the other guests."