Make your restaurant their second home

Digital, simple, and set up in just a few clicks? That’s the Qerko loyalty program! No horrible paper cards or extra administration required.

Reward your customers from time to time and give them more reasons to keep coming back. Soon you’ll be their favorite place to bring their friends!

Another reason to return

People love rewards, and the Qerko Loyalty Program motivates them to come back again and again. Building long lasting relationships with them provides you with a loyal and dependable customer base.

Boost your average spend

You can decide the minimum amount customers need to spend to make progress on their rewards. This encourages them to spend a little bit more in order to qualify for that next free coffee, cake, etc.

Get noticed by the crowd

Once you set up your reward system, your offer will be visible to our 1,050,000 users who will be eager to stop by! You also have a change to be mentioned in our monthly newsletter and social media campaigns.

No more paper cards

Let’s be honest, paper loyalty cards are the worst. Our loyalty program is entirely digital and runs entirely on its own. No spreadsheets. No extra administration. Just more repeat customers and higher sales.

Best of all,
it’s free!

Activate this entire system in just a few clicks. Just choose your offer, specify how long it lasts, and who it is for. After that, your Loyalty Program is all set up. And did we mention that it is completely free?

Digital receipts

The end of paper receipts

It’s 2024. No one wants paper receipts anymore. Qerko emails guests digital receipts instead. This helps both your bottom line and the planet. And because saving nature is so important to us, we donate a portion of each transaction to the Forest for Children fund.

Payment methods

“Cash or card?” Neither

A new era requires new payment options. Customers don’t want to pay by cash anymore. They’d rather just use their phone. Qerko’s app lets users pay by standard cards, meal cards, and soon even crypto. For you nothing changes — you’ll receive payments and receipts like normal.

POS Integration

The best cash register fits in the palm of your hand

Qerko easily connects with your POS system.
After that, we’ll take care of the rest.

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