The most convenient way to book a table. Ever.

Your customers want to make sure there’s a spot available when they visit, but they don’t want to talk on the phone with anyone. Qerko lets them make a reservation online in just a few clicks.

Online reservations

We set up a customized booking system for your business. Customers can book a table conveniently from their phones or their computers.

No additional fees

We provide Qerko’s entire reservation system at no extra charge! Just sign up for Qerko and your business has access to this feature for free.

Reservation assistant

Our automated reservation assistant will inform you of the reservation details over the phone. You simply decide to accept the booking or not.


Let them make reservations directly from your website!

You’ll receive a unique link that you can promote through social media or your website that your customers can use to book a table even outside of the Qerko app.


Keep track of all your reservations in one convenient place.

Get a complete overview of all your bookings by logging into the Qerko Administration panel. We will automatically inform your guests of any changes you make here.

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