Letting guests order conveniently from their phones boosts your profits

You no longer need to worry about guests walking out due to slow service during peak hours. They can simply choose to order directly from their tables using the Qerko app.

10 % larger

Trying to flag down your busy staff can make customers lose their appetite for desert or a second beer. Qerko let’s them add to their order before they change their minds, often resulting in 10% higher sales.

A beautiful digital menu

Pictures sell much better than words! Show off photos of your delicious food inside Qerko’s digital menu and let your customers order by sight. They can choose what they want straight from their phone.  

No more temp workers

Constantly cycling through temp workers to cover busy periods? Qerko makes your existing staff so efficient that you won’t need to bring in any extra people during peak times of the day or season.

How does tableside ordering work?

Scan or tap the QR code

Your guest can either scan the Qerko on the table, or tap it contactlessly (using NFC). Then they can order straight from the digital menu and pay with their phones.

The order goes to the POS

No extra hardware or staff required! The order simply shows up in the POS system the same as if entered by the staff. The rest of the process happens normally.

You’ll know where to take it

Each order is paired with a table in the system so your staff knows exactly where to bring it. Your guests can either pay in advance, or at the end of their meal.

Digital receipts

The end of paper receipts

It’s 2022. No one wants paper receipts anymore. Qerko emails guests digital receipts instead. This helps both your bottom line and the planet. And because saving nature is so important to us, we donate a portion of each transaction to the Forest for Children fund.

Payment methods

“Cash or card?” Neither

A new era requires new payment options. Customers don’t want to pay by cash anymore. They’d rather just use their phone. Qerko’s app lets users pay by standard cards, meal cards, and soon even crypto. For you nothing changes — you’ll receive payments and receipts like normal.

POS Integration

The best cash register fits in the palm of your hand

Qerko easily connects with your POS system.
After that, we’ll take care of the rest.

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