Start taking online orders without paying a 30% cut.

Customers love the convenience of ordering online. Add a completely free Qerko e-shop to your website and stop losing all of your margin to those other guys.

10 % more orders

Increase your total sales by up to 10% by catching those who don’t have time to dine in. They can simply choose what they want from your e-shop, and you let them know when it’s ready to pick up.

Setup is a breeze

Activate your completely free e-shop solution with just a single click! It’s already fully integrated with your POS system, so there’s nothing for you to code and no extra tablet is required.

A beautiful digital menu

Pictures sell much better than words! Show off photos of your delicious food inside your digital menu. All menu items are automatically imported from your POS system, so it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Loyalty program included

Give your customers more reasons to order again and again with our Loyalty Program. It works exactly the same for online orders and it does for orders made from inside your restaurant.

Keep you sales margins

Stop losing your entire sales margin to predatory companies asking for 25–30% in fees for every item sold. Orders made on your Qerko e-shop are only charged our standard 2.9 Kč payment fee.

Deliver it yourself (coming soon!)

Make your e-shop even more attractive to customers by delivering the food straight to their door. We will be adding more features to our e-shops later in 2022 to help you handle all of the delivery logistics.

How does ordering from the e-shop work?

Order from the digital menu

Your customers can browse your digital menu, select the items that they want, and pay using Qerko.

The order is confirmed

The order will show up in the POS system as normal and the customer will receive confirmation.

Ready to be picked up

After the order is prepared, the customer will be notified through the app to come and pick it up.

Food to go

Enable online takeaway orders in 1 click.

Activate your Qerko e-shop and allow your customers to place takeaway orders online. They’ll receive a notification when the food is ready, and come pick it up themselves. It’s convenient for them and less work for you. Win-win!


Get rid of long lines with the Qerko kiosk.

A new era requires new payment options. Customers don’t want to pay by cash anymore. They’d rather just use their phone. Qerko’s app lets users pay by standard cards, meal cards, and soon even Bitcoin. For you nothing changes — you’ll receive payments and receipts like normal.

POS Integration

The best cash register fits in the palm of your hand

Qerko easily connects with your POS system.
After that, we’ll take care of the rest.

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