Reviews and requests from your customers all in one place

Qerko helps your guests give you the kind of honest feedback that you need to improve your business. You’ll see all reviews, good and bad, all in one private and convenient location.

100 % verification

No more negative reviews from people who’ve never even been to your restaurant. With Qerko, the feedback you receive will be from real, paying customers with verified accounts.

For your eyes only

Qerko reviews are not public. They are detailed customer feedback sent directly to you. This gives you an opportunity to respond to guests directly, without it needing to be posted online.

Actionable insights

Guest reviews can help you identify and fix problems in real time. Is your staff a little slow today? Is the food coming out a bit too salty? With this info you can make same day adjustments.

They’re happy to help

Most guests love to leave reviews, and we’ve made it as easy as possible for them to do so. They can quickly rate your food, service, and ambience using intuitive emojis and badges.

All the info you need

Simply log in to your Qerko Restaurant account and you’ll see all of your customer reviews in one place. For context, all reviews will be connected to the customer and the meal they ordered.

Digital receipts

The end of paper receipts

It’s 2022. No one wants paper receipts anymore. Qerko emails guests digital receipts instead. This helps both your bottom line and the planet. And because saving nature is so important to us, we donate a portion of each transaction to the Forest for Children fund.

Payment methods

“Cash or card?” Neither

A new era requires new payment options. Customers don’t want to pay by cash anymore. They’d rather just use their phone. Qerko’s app lets users pay by standard cards, meal cards, and soon even crypto. For you nothing changes — you’ll receive payments and receipts like normal.

POS Integration

The best cash register fits in the palm of your hand

Qerko easily connects with your POS system.
After that, we’ll take care of the rest.

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