Pay your portion of the bill directly from your phone

Smart payments greatly improve the experience of both your staff and your guests. They also are proven to boost sales, no matter if you’re a restaurant, café, or canteen. Qerko is the ideal solution for any gastro business!

Get paid
in seconds

Yes, we really are the world’s fastest way to pay at a restaurant. Guests can check and pay their bill with a few clicks, all without the assistance of your staff. And the payment confirmation will be in the cash register in a few seconds

Extra hours for your staff each day

You no longer need temp workers and other last-minute help. Qerko helps you cover peak traffic during both daily and seasonal rushes. It won’t replace your staff, but it will make them much more efficient.

Happier guests and staff

“Together or separate?” is now a thing of the past. Your guests can split the bill all on their own using Qerko, without needing to stand in line at the terminal. This frees your staff up to provide better service.

Up to 40%
higher tips

Satisfied guests are happy to leave generous tips. On average, Qerko users leave 40% higher tips than those paying with the terminal. This, of course, goes strait into the pockets of your staff.

Private feedback after payments

Hear what your customers love about your restaurant. And if they were unhappy, solve it with them directly before they post about it online. About 70% of Qerko users leave detailed reviews after each payment.

Digital receipts

The end of paper receipts

It’s 2022. No one wants paper receipts anymore. Qerko emails guests digital receipts instead. This helps both your bottom line and the planet. And because saving nature is so important to us, we donate a portion of each transaction to the Forest for Children fund.

Payment methods

“Cash or card?” Neither

A new era requires new payment options. Customers don’t want to pay by cash anymore. They’d rather just use their phone. Qerko’s app lets users pay by standard cards, meal cards, and soon even crypto. For you nothing changes — you’ll receive payments and receipts like normal.

POS Integration

The best cash register fits in the palm of your hand

Qerko easily connects with your POS system.
After that, we’ll take care of the rest.

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